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About Italy

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    Moving To Italy

    Italy has a vast wealth of tradition, culture and history saturating the entire country from top to bottom! So, whichever area you choose to move to, you will undoubtedly be surrounded by the significant monuments and be fully immersed in Italy’s traditional culture.

    Italy is world famous for several different aspects of ifs culture, history and produce. Italian painters, sculptors and architects from around the sixteenth century, truly sculpted not only the environment and buildings around them with such style and grandeur, but also built a magnificent legacy as Masters of Art with a world class status for centuries of future Italian artists to maintain and excel, including the modern design artists as well as the fine artists of today.

    Visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, you can gaze at the magnificent ceiling hand painted by the  great Micheal Angelo. Whilst in Milan, see the huge mural by Leonardo Da Vinci depicting the Last Supper, a world famous piece by one of the Masters of Classic Art. Great art both classic and modern can be found in every region of Italy and really brings the history of the country, artists and traditions of the viewer, it is all there for you to explore and enjoy!

    Eating out is a way of life in Italy so enjoy the ‘on-your-doorstep’ convenience and delights of dining out in one of your several local Italian restaurants, and sample some of Britain’s favourite dishes direct from the creators! Exquisite pasta dishes, such as the classic lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise, delicious hand-made pizzas always cooked to perfection with any topping. Naughty but nice traditional Italian dessert, Tiramisu, or often hand-made cakes and pastries are available, especially in local cafes and coffee shops where these are impossible to resist as an accompaniment to a finely brewed coffee, delicious!

    Milan has the status of being the fashion-capital of Italy, with its annual world famous Fashion Week attracting numerous fashion-setters, followers and top class designers. Italian fashion design is characteristically sleek, contemporary and inventive – the Italians are not afraid of making a loud statement with their clothing and showing off the talent, label and designer beneath it all!

    Another well respected and desired aspect of Italian fashion is the beautiful leather, manufactured and crafted into magnificent shoes and various bags of outstanding quality and design. The whole of Italy, but especially Milan and Rome, are a fashion-conscious shopaholics dream!

    Experience a different form of public transport in Italy… where some of the streets are canals! You could not only enjoy the classic romantic evening gondola ride, but also use it as a convenient and more interesting means of getting to work!

    Living in Rome amongst not only the hustle, bustle and excitement of the capital city, but also between the magnificent structures such as the Colosseum, still standing from the times of Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire; this brings a great sense of humility, pride and respect for these monuments of Italian history.

    Familiarise yourself with another aspect of the Italian culture and industry by enrolling in a wine tasting course or weekend in the region of Tuscany, well renowned for the quality wine and exuberant, lavish cuisine. Gain the knowledge from the experts of Italian style cooking, using local and traditional ingredients along with the skill of choosing the perfect bottle of wine to compliment every meal you create!

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