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Living in Japan

Japan is perhaps one of the most popular countries in Asia, and with good reason. It has a wealth of culture, tradition, and bursting life of varying styles. Whether you’re after the city life in Tokyo, or a great cultural experience in Kyoto, Japan has something for everyone and that’s why expatriates love it. Plus, with excellent service from Move Corp, even the {service} part will make you excited to move.

The respectable culture of Japan will be a fascinating change for British migrants – after the help from our {service} service. The climate varies, but in general their hot weather is in June-August just like in Britain, and it’s colder in November-February. Peak season is around March-April, which is also Cherry-blossom season; thousands of people gather to see this beautiful spectacle of flowers. Many of Japan’s beautiful gardens are coated in the pink blossoms and it is a wonder not to be missed. So, don’t hesitate to make use of our {service} service, and get yourself to Japan asap.

Japan is rife with things to do and experiences beyond imagination, such as: temples, shrines, hot springs, gardens, castles, beaches, shopping, Universal Studios Japan, Geishas, Sumo, Mount Fuji, skiing, Hiroshima and much more. Not to be forgotten is the fish-rich Japanese cuisine. There is street food to haute cuisine, and definitely something to get used to because the Japanese traditions are very different to Western culture, therefore dining will be an experience. If you’re lucky, you can ride the amazing Bullet train, and you definitely can’t miss the Great Buddha in Nara. Whatever you want from your time living in Japan, we’re sure it will provide, and go above and beyond – and so will we with our {service} services!

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