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Removals to Denmark

If you are moving to Denmark, has a range of removals to Denmark services.

Denmark Birmingham Removals

Removals to Denmark has a wide range of shipping and removals to Denmark services for all your needs.

Moving to Denmark

If you are planning to up sticks and move to Denmark, then here are some interesting facts for you to consider long before you book the removals company. You will find living in Denmark very different from living in the UK. The overall lifestyle there is much more relaxed, and the Danes tend to enjoy a much healthier work-life balance. In certain professions, there are restrictions on how long you can work and typical working weeks are 37 hours. The Danish workplace is very different from that in the UK. It’s much easier to hire and fire, though workers enjoy a much more generous safety net than they do in the UK.

It is also a much more egalitarian society than in the UK. However, moving to Denmark involves much more than just booking a removals company. Like any international move, it requires detailed planning and maybe a little help from the experts. But first a few basic facts.

Moving to Denmark – some basic facts and statistics

The total population of Denmark is 5.73 million. The capital city is Copenhagen, and other large cities include Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg. The currency is the Krone. Denmark is a popular destination for expats and has around 476,000 of them, but only 17,000 of these are from the UK.

Denmark has a reasonably strict immigration policy. While there are no problems for Brits as EU citizens, there is still some confusion about what will happen after Brexit. Currently, it is difficult for anyone outside the EU to obtain a work permit or permanent residency visa. Foreign nationals are generally restricted to three years residency.

If you have a pet, there should be no difficulty in taking it with you. As long as you have a pet passport, you can take it with you or let your removals company organise its transport.

Cost of living in Denmark

On balance, the cost of living in Denmark is somewhat higher than in the UK. Even inexpensive restaurants are expensive compared to the UK. A meal for two can easily set you back £80 without the drinks, and for half a litre of beer, you can pay on average £4.69.

If you are renting an apartment in a large city, expect to pay £750 a month for a one bedroom apartment and £1,500 a month for a three bedroom apartment. Topically rental prices are between 15% and 35% higher than in the UK. If you are buying a property, then the price per square meter is about 10% higher than in the UK.

Quality of life in Denmark

As we have said, the lifestyle in Denmark is more relaxed than in the UK, so you might expect the quality of life to be significantly better too. If that is the reason for your international move, you won’t be disappointed. Denmark is now ranked second in the world on the quality of life index, and according to the Social Progress Index (SPI), it came first out of 128 other nations.


Politically, Denmark operates a constitutional monarchy in a similar manner to the UK. While the monarch is head of state, lawmaking is carried out by an elected parliament. Denmark’s head of state is Queen Margrethe II. Their equivalent of Parliament is the Folketing, and the current prime minister is Lokke Rasmussen.

Tax In Denmark

If one of the reasons you are planning to book a removals company to transport your possessions to Denmark is to escape the clutches of the UK HMRC, then you are likely to be disappointed. The tax rates in Denmark are some of the highest in the world. Even people on average salaries pay 45% income tax. The higher tax rate is 52%.

Even more surprising though is that the Danes are happy to pay it, or at least most of them are. A recent survey showed that 9 out of 10 Danish workers are glad to pay that level of income tax as they see it as an investment in their enhanced quality of life. In fact, Denmark is considered to be one of the happiest nations in the World. Some of the benefits the people enjoy include free education, no university tuition fees, equal opportunity for all, free quality health care, and 32 weeks fully paid parental leave.

Working in Denmark

Most people who move to Denmark do so for reasons related to work. So it’s important to note that the Danish workplace is different from what you might be used to in the UK. The Danish workplace is based on the Flexicurity model. This makes it easy for employers to hire employees, but it makes it equally easy to fire them. The reason this works is that workers are guaranteed an adequate income should they lose their jobs. While individuals are protected rather than jobs, the employment rate in Denmark is one of the highest in the EU.

The Danish climate

The good thing about the Danish climate is that it’s not as cold as you might think. While it’s not a good reason for moving there, temperatures in the summer months are reasonably mild. In July and August average temperatures are 22 degrees, and even in winter temperatures average -1 degree in the coldest months of January and February. It does rain frequently throughout the year so don’t expect much sunshine. From November through to February the sun rarely shines.

Final words

While we have only been able to provide a brief outline about what to expect from your international move to Denmark, we hope it has at least given you a flavour of the country. Given the quality of life, the work-life balance, and the excellent state of physical and mental wellbeing of the citizens of the happiest country in the world, you probably can’t wait to get those removal wagon wheels rolling. Possibly the only real downsides are the income tax rate and the price of a pint of beer. And it might be a struggle if you want to buy a house. But then, the wage levels are significantly higher than in the UK, especially for expats.

All of our removals to Denmark customers are assigned their own dedicated moving coordinator who will be able to offer a wide range of removals to Denmark services to make the move simple.

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Denmark Birmingham Removals

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