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eBay Purchase courier delivery services

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Have you ever sold an item on eBay that is too large or difficult to send by standard parcel services, so you have been obliged to list it as “No postage: Local collection only”? If so, then you will know how much that limits the number of your potential buyers. Perhaps, on the other hand, you have wished to purchase an item on eBay that is similarly listed but would mean a long and tedious journey to a destination far away from your home, so you decided not to purchase and missed a bargain.

If either of these applies to you or might do so in the future, then we have the perfect solution. Our innovative eBay Purchase courier delivery services work equally well for both buyers and sellers, and take away the frustration of buying and selling bulky items.

What are eBay Purchase courier delivery services?

Our eBay Purchase courier delivery services specialise collecting and delivering items listed on eBay. Every month, around 4 million eBay sellers list at least one item, and several hundred thousand of these items are listed as “collection only.”  In the past, this excluded all potential buyers who were unable to collect in person. That is no longer the case. With our eBay courier services, you can bid on and buy items you cannot collect yourself and arrange for us to collect them for you. We will collect the eBay item from the seller and courier it all the way to your door no matter how distant from the seller this might be.

While we will charge you for this service, you might be surprised by how inexpensive our charges are.

How to organise an eBay delivery

Whether you are an eBay buyer or seller, organising an eBay delivery is very simple. The first thing to do is to get a quotation.

The easiest way to work out the distance between you and the location from where the item should be collected is to use Google maps distance measuring tool or route planner. It takes moments. If you are a buyer, you can estimate the size and weight of the item from the listing, or if you are uncertain, ask the seller.

Enter these details on our website, and we will provide you with a quote. You can also add the item listing so that we have even more detailed information.

Once you have your quote, we can organise a delivery slot that suits you. We will collect your item from the seller and transport it right to your front door.

Buying from an individual or different market

If you are buying an item from an individual or an alternative marketplace such as Etzy, Gumtree, Preloved, and so forth, then we can provide precisely the same service as we provide to our eBay customers. Just let us have the same details, and we will give you an instant quote.

A seamless service

You no longer need to miss out on an eBay collect only bargain just because you cannot collect your item personally. We will collect it for you and deliver it to you directly. We provide a safe, seamless economic service that you can rely on. Next time you are thinking of bidding on eBay, don’t let a lack of transport hold you back. Just let us know when you have won the auction and leave the rest to us.

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