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Exhibition Stand Storage

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    For a lot of businesses nowadays, exhibition stands aren’t simply quick fix stalls that you can put up in just a few minutes. To attract attention, many are investing in state of the art installations when they attend an event or exhibition.

    If you want to stand out, you need to commit to this kind of marketing for your company.

    The problem when you have such valuable and intricate exhibition stands is just what you do with them when there’s not an event on. Storing in-house can often be problematic, not only in terms of space but also the potential for damage if it’s not placed in a secure location.

    The answer? At we have the safe and secure storage space that you need for your exhibition stand, whatever its size.

    Our team are on hand right now to help you find the best storage solution:

    • You get a clear space for your exhibition stand that keeps it protected from the elements and secure from theft or damage.
    • You can put it in our storage space and forget about it until your next event!
    • We can ensure your exhibition stand is available when you really need it and we can deliver it to your next exhibition location whether it’s local, national or somewhere across the globe.

    Exhibition stands cost a lot of money to produce so it doesn’t make sense to store them in any old space you can find. Using storage space gives you peace of mind and immediate accessibility as and when required. You can be sure that your stands will be kept in pristine condition, which means you don’t have to spend money on renovating, replacing or repairing.


    We’re better known for our excellent transportation and moving company, but we are always looking at ways to add value to our services. We’ve helped many businesses transport their exhibition stands to venues, ensuring their equipment arrives on time and in great condition. We noticed that many of these stands are highly intricate and need to be handled and stored carefully.

    Because we have the space, we realised we could provide a much safer environment for exhibition stands of all types.

    What Else Do We Do?

    Apart from providing premier storage for your exhibition stands, we are one of the most reliable and experienced removal and transportation companies in the UK. Our team brings the logistics you need to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

    We can handle your local needs, deal with the transportation of exhibition stands anywhere in the UK and even get them to locations abroad, including the USA, Australia and Europe.

    More and more companies nowadays are not only exhibiting in the UK but heading abroad to big events where they want to make an impact. That often demands cutting edge displays that attract the attention of potential customers, investors and top talent that can help them grow.

    • Don’t leave your exhibition stand to sit in the corner of the office or warehouse.
    • Protect your investment with our premier exhibition stand storage.

    No business is too big or too small. We’re the team that can handle all your storage and exhibition transportation needs.

    Contact our friendly, experienced team today for a competitive, no-obligation quote.

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