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Guidelines for Car Shipping to Australia

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    So, you have decided to take your car with you when you relocate to Australia, go you! This decision is still logical and practical, especially because you may be saving on costs while you adjust to your new location. Car shipping to Australia should not be a problem because there are many car shipping companies that specialize in providing such a service. Here are several effective guidelines you should observe if you want to ship your car to the country successfully.

    Observe proper timing

    Have your car moved at least six weeks before your actual relocation to Australia date. Understand that it may take a few weeks for any moving firm to ship and deliver your car to your new address. You may need to temporarily bid goodbye to your vehicle for while, only to say ‘welcome’ to it at your new location.

    Make arrangements for the moving firm to pick up your car. Take note that most car shipping companies offer door-to-door services, but your neighborhood may not be able to accommodate the huge car moving truck. In those instances, it is normal and acceptable that they will ask you to drive your car to an area, probably a spacious parking lot, where the car mover’s truck can safely pick up the car.

    Before handing the car to the car mover

    Be sure to properly inspect your car before handing it to the car shipping company. Take note of the mileage, the overall appearances and the engine condition. Also, check if there are scratches on the car’s surface. If possible, you should take dated pictures of the car and its parts as a documentation that will support your statement about the condition of the car.

    Before the car gets into the car mover’s truck, an inspector from the company will thoroughly inspect your car to check everything, from the engine to the surfaces to any possibly existing damage. His inspection report will have to be compared against your own.

    Any discrepancies will have to be addressed and checked before you will be asked to sign a pre-shipment condition report, which will also be countersigned by them. Such documents will serve as protective contracts that will safeguard your car. Any shipping damage will have to be covered and paid for by the car moving company.

    Also, call your car insurance company to check on any possible provisions in your policy that will provide greater security while car shipping. This measure will spare you of any unforeseen trouble in case something happens to your car while it is being moved.

    Delivery and acceptance

    Before the car mover’s truck finally picks up your car, you will also be asked about your preferred mode of delivery. You can either arrange for a door-to-door service or opt to pick up the car at a specified terminal in Australia.

    Be sure to pick up the car at the specified date. Otherwise, ask the car moving company to just keep the car in their possession until the next morning. Be sure they have safe container sites where your car will be safely parked while you wait to pick it up.

    Experts recommend that you pick up the car during daytime so you easily inspect and check if any damage has been done to the vehicle during the car shipping process. Check your pre-shipping condition report and inspect all car parts. Car shipping to Australia can indeed be a very tedious activity, but it surely will be easy if you will just take the necessary safeguarding measures and opt to ship with

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