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Moving House – what can a removal company offer and what do I need to make the move less stressful?

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Moving House – what can a removal company offer and what do I need to make the move less stressful?

It is said that moving house is one of the most stressful events you are likely to encounter in your life; in fact, the third most stressful after bereavement and divorce. While that might be the case for some people, for the majority it really shouldn’t be that bad as long as they make reasonable arrangements in time and don’t leave everything till the last minute.

Once you have found your dream home, had your offer accepted, and set your conveyancing solicitor to work, most of the rest is plain sailing. If you are applying for a mortgage, then there might be a few stressful days waiting for the valuation to come through, but there rarely are problems with that. If you are selling your current house and your move is part of a chain, then thee is always the possibility that the chain will fall apart; according to Which, over 20% of chains fail to complete according to the NAEA. But don’t worry about things you can’t control. Just do everything you can do and hope it all goes through.

Once you know you are moving, contact several home removal companies and ask them to quote for moving you. Consider whether you want a simple removal where they turn up, load the van with your goods, transport them to your new home and unload. While this is the least expensive option, it is by far from being the least stressful. It means that you have to pack everything into cardboard boxes, and if anything should break in transit, then you have only limited insurance cover.

Most removal companies offer a packing service which does take away much of the stress. They turn up before the move and carefully pack all your items into boxes ready to load into their truck on removals day. That way, you will know that all your items have been professionally packed and you will also be safe in the knowledge that they will all be fully insured. Naturally, this costs a little more, but most people find it to be well worth the price.

Probably you won’t know the exact removal day until shortly before you are ready to exchange contracts, but as soon as you do contact the removals company of your first choice and check their availability. If they are available, which is likely to be the case, book them up immediately to secure your slot. If for some reason they are unable to accommodate you, then you have the fallback of your second and third choices. Many removals companies will help you find an alternative if they can’t do the job.

Removals people tend to be a friendly, helpful bunch and will do anything they can to make the move as smooth as possible. They are also very skilled at what they do, especially when it comes to moving heavy and bulky items and manoeuvring them through tight gaps. It’s thirsty work so they will undoubtedly appreciate a cup of tea, glass of water or soft drink.

The takeaways are: always keep ahead of the game and don’t leave things to the last minute; get quotes from at least three removal firms; and let them know your removal date as soon as you know it. If you can afford a full packing service, then that is the least stressful way to move. Even a partial packing service will take away much of the stress. Despite what they say, compared with divorce moving house is a piece of cake.

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