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Practical Tips for International Moving

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    International Moving

    Are you set to relocate to another country soon? By now, you should start making a simple list of which items or furniture in your house are going with you when you move. Be reminded that international moving is a stressful and tedious process not just because it is physically strenuous, but also because you would have a hard time deciding which items to take and which to dump, leave behind, or sell. As for services for overseas removal, you surely would not have any problem because there are now too many options available.

    Some items would be better left behind or sold for profit than taken with you when you move. Be reminded that it is not practical to bring everything with you when you move. Sofas, beds, cabinets, wardrobes, appliances, and bookcases could be left behind or sold rather than bringing them along with you because doing so would be very costly. In fact, many of such items would require handling and shipping costs that are exceeding the actual tag prices of buying new items. How about selling those and using the proceeds in buying new items to furnish your new house abroad?

    Think twice before bringing furniture to your new address. Be more particular if you are currently living in a very cold country and you are moving to a tropical nation, or vice versa. Abrupt changes in climate may ruin or affect the overall quality of your items. In this sense, it would be better to just leave those furniture behind or sell them before you move. In some countries, wooden furniture are sprayed with chemicals in customs stations to get rid of unwanted microbes. If your furniture undergo such a process, expect your handling and removal costs to be higher.

    International moving of cars and other vehicles is not advisable. One, the vehicle may not be ideally operated or used in the country where you are heading. Your car could be right-hand drive but the cars in your new address could be in standard left-hand drive. The fees you would incur in shipping your car abroad would be astronomical. It may be too costly; you could almost be able to buy a brand new car when you reach your new address instead. The shipment could take many months in the process. And lastly, there may be no available service center of your car brand in your new country.

    Lastly, it would be ideal if you would opt for a shared container removal process. Your items would share spaces with another’s stuffs when they are shipped via sea. Because the removal could last several weeks or months before the items are delivered to the new address, it is now an advisable practice to send the items in advance or weeks before the move to make sure they would come on time for your relocation. Observe this tip more especially if you are living in a country that is very far away, or in a different continent as your new address.

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