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Removals Company Rutland

Searching for the right company to help you move to Rutland? has a wide range of removals services that can be tailored to your exact removal company requirements.

Rutland Birmingham Removals

Moving Company Rutland

Moving home to Rutland can be a stressful time for any individual or family, which is why we offer each of our clients several removals services to ensure your move is completed as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

To assist our clients with the removal, we assign a dedicated removals coordinator to each client, who will be able to offer great advice, answer any questions, and manage the move from day 1.

Removal and Storage Company

Moving “Boxes Only” Service

Small Load (Not a full Removal Truck)

Dedicated Removal Truck (20ft or 40ft)

Full Packing Service

Part Pack – (Just fragile items)

Export Wrap

Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)

Shipping Cars, Motorbikes, Boats

Removal Company Rutland

Moving Location

Rutland is an East Midlands county, surrounded by Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. Once excluding the Isle of Wight and the city-based regions of Bristol and the City of London, it is the smallest county in England, with an area of just 380 square kilometres. Oakham and Uppingham are the two main towns in the county; aside from that settlements in the region are no more than villages and hamlets. Much of the territory of Rutland is actually taken up by Rutland Water, which is the largest reservoir in England by area and has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the wildlife found there.

Property History

Rutland is a historic county; the office of the High Sheriff of Rutland was first created all the way back in 1129. But in recent times, for a period there was actually a removal of the county, as between 1974 and 1997 the boundaries of Leicestershire were moved to include the region. This was in part due to Rutland very small population compared to other counties. This was reversed again following a review, and in 2008 a campaign succeeded in its bid to separate Rutland postcodes from the Leicestershire postal county.

Housing Economy

Rutland is the 6th least economically deprived area in the England, according to the Indices for Deprivation. Only 17,000 people are of working age in the area, and nearly a third of these people are employed in public institutions such as schools, local government and healthcare. The hospitality industry is also a significant employer in the region. In the main towns of Oakham and Uppingham, there is a strong presence of independent shops and boutiques; small removal companies undoubtedly figure prominently in the local economy.

Property Market

A house in Rutland on average will cost £336,000, meaning that Rutland is by no means the most affordable area in the East Midlands. The small market size, as a result of the small size of the county overall, is one reason for this. But the quaint villages that are dotted across the region are all rather ideal rural locations, and thus are always in high-demand. The main town of Oakham has a variety of properties and is the area which provides most choice for movers. In terms of rural settings, Barleythorpe is one of the larger settlements and, given the development of houses that is currently underway, represents a good option for those who want to commute to offices in Oakham.

Moving Demographics

There is estimated to be 39,500 people currently residing in Rutland, and as previously mentioned, only roughly half of these people are of working age. 98% of the population are White, meaning that the region is less ethnically diverse than the rest of the country on average.

Rutland Culture

In 2012, the Office for National Statistics found Rutland to be the happiest county in the UK, and the way of life in the area is certainly a reason for that. The people of Rutland tend to be very active and enjoy getting outdoors; the Rutland Water reservoir is the hub for much of this activity, as a wide range of water-sports occur there. Aside from exercising, a farmer’s market is regularly run, and Rutland Bitter is a local favourite drink; it has special geographical status to ensure that any similar product made outside of the Rutland borders cannot be given the same name.

Did you know…

Rutland is the only county in the United Kingdom that does not have a chain of McDonalds within its borders.

Rutland Birmingham Removals
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