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Single item furniture delivery nationwide

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There are many occasions when people want to ship a single item of furniture from one location to another. Alternatively, you might like to send just a small number of items. Though not enough to merit using a traditional house moving service. You might consider moving it yourself, for instance using a large family car or even hiring a van and shipping the item yourself.

Although moving it yourself or with a little help from your friends might seem to be a practical solution, if the item is valuable or a little fragile you would be taking a significant risk of damaging it. Packing and loading an item into a hired van or car in such a way as to avoid damaging it can be difficult. Just loading and unloading it is risky, and ensuring it doesn’t move about during transportation can be really challenging. Also, as you are shipping it yourself, you wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

While you might think that hiring a removal company to transport a single item of furniture is impractical and expensive, we have just the solution you need. We provide a single item delivery service which is inexpensive, reliable, and highly efficient. Our service is available to individuals and businesses.

Our people involved in our single delivery service are experienced in removals and trained to handle valuable items of furniture. You might be surprised, but this can be a difficult job that is best left to the professionals. Usually, we can deliver most items of furniture with a two-man team, though other options are available.

Why use our single item furniture delivery service

  • We can schedule the times when your item will be collected and delivered to fit in with your requirements.
  • You can rest assured that the move will be fully professional and your furniture will be handled with care. You also avoid the stress of moving the furniture yourself and risking damage.
  • It the item needs special packing or preparation before removal, we can take care of it. Valuable items often need specific preparation to ensure they can be transported without risking damage.
  • When shipping large items, you can use our one or two man with a van delivery services and your item will receive a bespoke shipping service.
  • When shipping smaller items and you wish to minimise the costs, it may be possible to share a delivery with other customers, thus saving you money. We may be able to provide you with a shared delivery service depending on the current availability.
  • We can arrange full insurance for your items during the service, which will cover you for collection, delivery, and transportation. When you use this service, we will inspect your item before collection and agree with you if there are any defects or damage and make a photographic record. We will do the same after we have completed the delivery.

How to arrange single item furniture delivery

To arrange single item furniture delivery, just contact us and tell us about the item you would like delivered, where and when you would like it collected and to where you would like it delivered. We will provide you with a competitive quote. If you want to use our service, just let us know, and we will schedule your job.  

If you want to take away the stress and inconvenience of moving a single item of furniture, then our single item delivery service is the perfect answer. It is a genuinely professional service that you will be happy you chose. Trust the professionals to get it done the right way.

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