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Removals to Sweden

Thinking about moving to Sweden? has the right removals to Sweden service tailored to your requirements.

Sweden Birmingham Removals

Removals to Sweden

At we have the right removls to Sweden to suit your needs, from a full shipping service to a part load service.

Removals to Sweden

Are you planning to relocate to Sweden? Sweden certainly has a great deal to offer expats. In fact, according to a recent survey published by HSBC, it is the eighth favourite country in the world for moving to. Naturally, any international move requires a great deal of planning and effort. Moving abroad is never an easy decision, especially if you are leaving your friends and important family members behind. But there are many upsides too. New experiences, new challenges, a better job, and all those new friends you will meet are just some of them. So, what might you expect from your planned international move to Sweden? Here are some interesting facts to ponder well before the removals van turns up at your door.

How do expats rate Sweden?

As we say in the introduction, overall Sweden is, overall, the 8th highest rated expat destination in the world. What people like most about the country is the excellent work-life balance it offers. In fact, it is the top-rated country for getting the work-life balance right. Job security is also highly rated (second in the world) and economic confidence (fourth in the world). People even like Swedish politics, rating it 8th in the world.
Other benefits that make moving home to Sweden attractive include the overall quality of life, rated 6th in the world, healthcare, rated 8th in the world. If you are taking children with you, then you will be pleased to learn that cost of childcare in Sweden is the cheapest in the world, while the quality of childcare is rated the highest in the world. Schools are good too and are rated 8th in the world.

But you should be prepared for some difficulties too. For instance, don’t expect moving to Sweden will do much to improve your social life; expats rate Swedish social life 30th in the world and tend to find integration difficult, rating it 27th. It can be a lonely place too.

Planning your international move to Sweden

Before you even consider booking up your removals company, you should prepare a detailed plan and checklist to ensure you have all the essential points covered. Here are ten suggestions to get you started:

1. Create a timetable including all critical dates such as via applications, school places, any necessary vaccinations, booking removals companies, paying bills, etc.
2. Are you using a relocation company to help you with your move? If so plan to talk to them well in advance; they will undoubtedly be able to provide you with valuable advice.
3. Go through all your important documents and make copies and store them in a safe place.
4. Sort out visas and work permits, do these include your partner or spouse?
5. Make decisions regarding property renal or purchase. We say more about the property in Sweden below.
6. Will you be moving your car as part of your removals package? If not, will you sell it or put it in storage?
7. Have you worked out the tax implications of your move? If not, then it might be worth talking to an accountant.
8. Get a health check before your removals date.
9. Are you shipping your goods by air or sea? Decide what items are moving with you and what you will put in storage.
10. Consider learning a little Swedish. It is one of the more natural languages to learn, and the locals will almost certainly appreciate your efforts.

Living in Sweden

Sweden is regarded as being an egalitarian society where family life is highly valued, and the state plays a significant role in ensuring the wellbeing of its people. About 10 million people live there, and although Swedish is the national language, most people understand and speak English too. However, as we have said, learning at least a little Swedish is highly recommended.
Some British expats have difficulty acclimatising to the long summer days and long winter nights. At certain times of the year it hardly ever gets dark; the midnight sun shines from the end of May to mid-July.
Overall the cost of living in Sweden is high; higher than the UK. However, to offset this expat salaries also tend to be high.

Houses in Sweden

One of the most challenging things about moving to Sweden is finding somewhere to love; especially you are moving to the main city of Stockholm where there is a severe housing shortage. Allow plenty of time before your removals date. Most properties in cities are apartments; houses are quite scarce. You will find houses in rural areas and small towns, but Swedish houses tend to be smaller than you might be used to.

You will need to register with the local municipal housing authority and obtain a personal identification number before you can rent a property. Expect to pay an average of around £1,000 a month for a one-bedroom apartment rental, though if you are buying a good quality two-bedroom apartment, expect to pay around £450,000.

Working in Sweden

Working in Sweden can be rewarding. If you are moving for a new job or career, the most popular lobs for expats are education, engineering, mining, and medicine. The country is considered to be the 10th best in the world for doing business, and the 16th best for entrepreneurship and the work culture tends to be relaxed yet professional. For job security, the country ranks 2nd in the world.

Learning Swedish

As we indicate, most locals in Sweden are happy to converse in English, but they will certainly appreciate it if you have made an effort to achieve at least some rudimentary Swedish language skills. Learning Swedish is much easier than it might seem. At least learn some common phrases such as “god dag” (good day) and tack (thank you).

Final words on moving to Sweden

As long as you start planning well before the removals wagons roll, an international move to Sweden should be plain sailing. You can expect a very different lifestyle than what you are used to in the UK. Most expats love the place and as we have said rate is as one of the best expat locations in the world.

Each of our removals to Sweden customers are assigned their own dedicated removals coordinator who will manage the move from day 1 and give advice and support all the way through the removal.

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Sweden Birmingham Removals

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