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Removals to Switzerland

A removals to Switzerland service is simple with, as we tailor your move around your requirements.

Switzerland Birmingham Removals

Removals to Switzerland

Finding the right removals to Switzerland service can seem never ending, especially if you cant find a company to cover all aspects of your move. tailors your move around you, covering everything you require.

Moving to Switzerland

Choosing to make a new life in Switzerland offers a host of benefits, not the least of which is the country boasts the highest average income in the world. If this is your first time moving abroad, then you have many opportunities and challenges to look forward to. If you’ve done it all before, then you will have a better idea about what to expect. In fact, around half the expats in Switzerland have made their home abroad previously and 89% have lived overseas for five years or more.

Getting ready for your move

Before we look at the kind of life you might expect in Switzerland, we will review some of the nuts and bolts of planning and making your move. Every international move requires a considerable amount of planning, so it’s important to do your homework carefully.

Moving to an unfamiliar place can be daunting, so make sure you know as much as you can about Switzerland generally and the area you will be living. The laws and customs in Switzerland can seem a little strange at first, so make sure you familiar with them before you move; there are more of them than you might think.
There are many things to do before you go, an international move involves much more than simply booking a removals company. But when you do, make sure you book a removals company with plenty of experience in international removals.
It is also a great time to brush up on your foreign language skills. Whether you are moving to a German or French-speaking locality, it will be much easier to get on with the locals if you can at least try to speak to them in their own language.

Joining 40,000 British Expats

When you move to Switzerland and start a new life living there as an expat, you will be joining another estimated 40,000 British expats already living in the country. Switzerland has for a long time been a favorite place for the British to make a home. Without a doubt there many very well-paid jobs in the country. The HSBC explorer survey published in 2018 placed it at the eighth most popular place in the world for British expats.

The highest scoring category was economic, where its overall score was the highest in the world, and disposable income and wage growth the second highest. Economic confidence and politics also got top marks with job security coming in fourth. Other top scoring categories were quality of life (4th highest), safety (3rd highest), health (4th highest) and school quality (4th highest).

Of course, given all those upsides, there are going to be some things that people don’t too much like about Switzerland. Integration and making friends aren’t always easy, with Switzerland coming in 31st and 29th respectively. Clearly, Brits should be prepared to make a little more effort than they are used to doing in the UK.

What are British expats in Switzerland like?

Around 57% of British expats in Switzerland are aged between 35 and 54; 14% between 18 and 34, and 29% are 55 or older. A little over a third of them have kids, and around a third own property there. 56% are male and 44% female.
The average income is 197,000 Swiss Francs which is equivalent to around £152,000. In fact, the primary reason most British expats moved there was to progress their careers, and 24% to earn more money, though another third were mainly motivated to move there to improve their quality of life.

Family life in Switzerland

Switzerland is a great place to bring up kids. With all that open space, fresh air, and mountains it’s hardly surprising. But apart from learning to become an ace skier, there is a raft of additional benefits for kids to enjoy. Children in Switzerland are significantly healthier than they are in the UK, in fact, the general wellbeing of expat kids from anywhere in the world is better than their country of origin. According to parents, education is also at a higher level than in the UK. The downside is that bringing up children in Switzerland is significantly more expensive. Childcare is also a problem.


Do you intend to purchase a property in Switzerland? Will you sell a home in the UK or will you let it while you are abroad? The usual advice is not to be too hasty about buying a property but take your time and look around first.
Most people in Switzerland rent rather than buy their home: 60% of houses are rented while 40% are owner-occupied. Rental prices can be very high, especially in cities such as Basel, Zurich, and Geneva where finding a rental property can be challenging. While it might take you several weeks or even a couple of months to track down the ideal rental property, you can often get a long-term tenancy.

Buying a house in Switzerland can be a struggle for expats: the Swiss government imposes some limitations on property buying be non-nationals while another problem is the cost. A typical family home close to a major city is around £800,000.

Making the move

Once you have completed all the planning and your moving days is rapidly approaching, it isn’t at all unusual to feel a little apprehensive. An international move tends to have that effect on people. But if you have booked a top-quality international removal company, you should at least be able to relax about the logistics.

If you do feel a little nervous, then remember that most British expats are happy that they decided to move to Switzerland and are enjoying a more prosperous and healthier life there. Once you arrive it will feel like no time before you settle into your new life, but, as a final word of advice, remember that one of the most significant problems expats experience is integrating. But if you are prepared to make that extra effort, it is likely to reap the rewards.

All removals to Switzerland customers are assigned their own dedicated move coordinator who will offer many different moving services, manage your move, answer your questions, and offer friendly advice all the way.

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Switzerland Birmingham Removals

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