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Two man delivery teams

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Over the last few months, the rate of growth of online selling has accelerated massively. In fact, some analysts calculate that an effect of COVID-19 has been to increase online sales to levels that would have otherwise taken four to six years. Current sales are almost 250% higher than they were in August 2019. Rather than visiting large stores to purchase big-ticket items such as furniture and appliances, they are now more likely to read the reviews and buy the goods online.

The change is having a massive impact on the way e-commerce businesses are delivering their products. Customers are far more demanding than they were in the past and expect no less than excellence from the firms that deliver to them. Should things go wrong, it will be the retailer that they blame; after all, it was the retailer who organised the delivery.

Choosing the right firm to deliver your products is crucial. It will have a considerable impact on customer service, future customer loyalty and your profits, which is why, in many e-commerce sectors, we see a significant uptick in our two man delivery service.

What are the benefits of two man delivery?

Naturally, two man delivery isn’t always necessary. Most of the time, one-person delivery gets the job done fine. But when a two man delivery team is needed to improve the quality of service you can offer your customers, then that should be the way to go.

Two man delivery isn’t just about having some extra help. While an extra pair of hands is, of course very useful, this is only part of the story. The real benefit is that a two man team can do far more than leaving the item at the customer’s doorstep. Two men can offer an extended range of services such as moving the item into the home and to the room where the customer prefers.

A two man team can offer more than merely delivering goods. They can unpack the items, allow the customer to inspect for potential damage, and even take away the packing materials. Often the team can assemble large items such as furniture and connect appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. Being able to offer such a service is a great way to differentiate your business from your competitors. Customers truly appreciate the difference and are far more likely to choose your company next time they want to make a significant purchase.

Two man delivery teams are a game-changer

It is no exaggeration to say that Two man delivery teams are a game-changer. With some exceptions, nearly all companies outsource their deliveries to specialist companies that offer outstanding and cost-effective delivery services. The demand for two man delivery teams is growing at the fastest rate out of all the delivery sectors. And customers are enjoying the many added benefits this brings.

Such benefits include improved communications. Two man teams can keep your customer updated about when to expect the delivery, leading to far fewer missed deliveries. The items are expertly delivered to a room of the customer’s choice, hugely reducing the number of claims for damaged items.  

A better quality of service

When you choose to use the right two man delivery team, you are providing your customers with a far better quality of service. Gone are the days when goods were dumped at a customer’s doorstep, with the expectation being that the customer would do everything else for themselves.  Today customers expect far more than that, and with the right delivery company, you can achieve that level of expectation. It truly does make a massive difference.

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