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Removal Company Aldridge

Looking for a removals company in Aldridge or moving to Aldridge? Take a look at the great services we have to offer.

Aldridge Birmingham Removals

Moving to Aldridge

We understand that it can be a stressful time when moving to Aldridge, which is why here at removals company Aldridge we have a number of solutions to make the entire moving process as simple and as stress-free as possible.

Each of our customers who relocate to Aldridge are assigned their own dedicated removals coordinator who will be able to manage the removal, offer great advice, and be there to answer any questions there may be.

Removal and Storage Company

Moving “Boxes Only” Service

Small Load (Not a full Removal Truck)

Dedicated Removal Truck (20ft or 40ft)

Full Packing Service

Part Pack – (Just fragile items)

Export Wrap

Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)

Shipping Cars, Motorbikes, Boats

Removal Company Aldridge

Aldridge Location

Aldridge is a medium-sized town in the county of the West Midlands, situated within the borough of Walsall. The town is located in the north of the county, close to the border with Staffordshire which it was once part of before the county of the West Midlands was created in 1974. The town is known for being one of the wealthier areas in the West Midlands region.

Aldridge History

Aldridge was first documented in the Doomsday Book of 1086, where it was named as ‘Alrewic’, potentially in reference to Alder trees. Until the industrial revolution, the town was based around agriculture, but once industry began to develop coal mining and brickworks became the predominant employers. Farming did still continue on the eastern side of town however, as the depth of deposits in this area mean that mining was not cost-effective. In the 1900s, amenities were built in the town; administrative offices, shops and housing. For a period, the town also had an airport, though this was mainly used during the Second World War and thus declined in usage after the war ended.

Aldridge Economy

Unlike many former-industrial towns which have since seen the removal of their factories, Aldridge has remained a local industrial hub for manufacturing and storage of company goods. Brickwork and plastics are two of the products of Aldridge’s industrial companies. The town has a decent selection of well-known shops and restaurants towards the south, which will provide jobs for those who do not wish to commute to the cities nearby.

Aldridge Property Market

Currently, average asking prices for a house in Aldridge are £388,492. This is rather high, though it is largely a result of the number of larger houses in the area; 5-bedroom houses are common and cost movers on average £733,328. A three-bedroom house on the other hand is far less, averaging £287,075. The average rent is £687 per month, and flats are more commonly available to rent than houses. The most expensive streets in the town are Ellsmore Meadow and Mill Lane, both of which have houses that are valued on average above £750,000.

Aldridge Demographics

According to the UK 2011 Census, Aldridge has a population of 26,988. 93.8% of the population is White, with the second largest ethnic group being Asian. The town has a slightly ageing population; a quarter of residents are over 65 while only 19% are under 18, and the highest proportion of residents are aged between 50 and 59. Unsuprisingly, Christianity is the dominant religion; the largest minority religion, excluding those who identify as following no religion, is Sikhism.
Aldridge removal company Culture

Aldridge is home to the Aldridge Transport Museum. This aims to display the evolution and heritage of road transport in the region and showcases a collection of different vintage cars and vehicles, all of which are in amazing condition. Golf enthusiasts will also be very satisfied by the plentiful selection of golf courses that are very close by to Aldridge.

Did you know…
Paralympic swimmer and two-time gold medal winner (in 2008 and 2012) Ellie Symonds grew up in Aldridge.

Aldridge Birmingham Removals
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