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Removal Company Bilston offers a great range of services for customers who are moving to Bilston or looking for a removal company Bilston.

Bilston Birmingham Removals

Moving Company Bilston

At we understand that it can be a stressful time when moving to Bilston which is why we have a select amount of solutions to make the entire moving process as simpe and as stress free as posible.

All of our customers who are relocating to Bilston are assigned their own dedicated removals manager who will manage the move from day one, give great removals advice, and be on hand to answer any questions there may be.

Removal and Storage Company

Moving “Boxes Only” Service

Small Load (Not a full Removal Truck)

Dedicated Removal Truck (20ft or 40ft)

Full Packing Service

Part Pack – (Just fragile items)

Export Wrap

Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)

Shipping Cars, Motorbikes, Boats

Removal Company Bilston

Bilston Location

The town of Bilston is located in the northwest of the county of the West Midlands; specifically, the town in situated on the south-east of Wolverhampton. Prior to the formation of the West Midlands as a county in 1974, the town was part of Staffordshire. The town is connected to the middle of Wolverhampton by the West Midlands Metro light railway line.

Bilston History

The earliest known reference to Bilston was made in the year 985, when it was known as Bilsastena. By the time of the Doomsday book the settlement, which was a village at the time, was called Bilsetnatun. Like so many other small towns near large modern cities, the Industrial Revolution transformed Bilston from a small town to an industrial complex, which in this case focused on coal mining. A lot of housing was built to accommodate the workers, though in the middle of the 20th century there was a removal of these terraces to be replaced by more modern properties for council housing. In the late 20th century there was arguably a slight decline as the town tried to adapt to the lack of industry, but since then there has been regeneration, such as the re-opening on the Town Hall.

Bilston Economy

Bilston’s economy is fairly localised, with few large companies basing themselves in the area and only really low-end chain stores in the town centre. The Bilston residents who are not working in the town are likely to commute to Wolverhampton, Dudley or Birmingham. In the past, Bilston’s economy was centred around the coal and steel industries; the steel industry was shut down by the Labour government in 1979.

Bilston Property Market

Bilston is a fairly affordable area. The average house price is £151,396, and a move to a three-bedroom house is likely to cost a similar figure; for a move to a four-bedroom house, the price is likely to close to £225,000. Two-bedroom flats meanwhile will cost movers £85,854 on average. For a rental property, expect to pay £558 per month. Amongst the most expensive streets in Bilston are Barnesmeadow Place, Hall Lane and Harley Drive.

Bilston Demographics

In the 2011 Census, Bilston had a population of 25,576. Bilston has a fairly youthful population; just over a quarter of the population are under 18, but only around 15% of residents are over 65. 93.9% of the population are White, and the most prominent minority group is those who identify as Asian. According to the same census, Bilston has 25% more people claiming unemployment benefits than the national average, and also has 20% less people in managerial or professional households than the national average.

Bilston Culture

From a cultural perspective, Bilston is perhaps best known for its artwork and crafts, which are exhibited in various ways. There are the Steel Columns sculpture depicting Victorian people and reflecting the towns industrial past, as well as the Bilston Craft Gallery which displays local work dating back to the 18th century and allows people to practice craft-making.

Did you know…
James Fleet, best known for his roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral and in the Vicar of Dibley, was born in Bilston.

Bilston Birmingham Removals
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