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Moving house to or around Birmingham with is a quick and easy process. We have many different removal services to choose from, making us a good removal company Birmingham to choose.

Birmingham Birmingham Removals

Removal Company Birmingham

When you move to Birmingham it can be a stressful time for any individual or couple, which is why we have a number of services to help the entire process for as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

All of our moving to Birmingham customers have their moves managed by a member of our team who will be able to offer a number of solutions, give advice, and will be their to answer any questions there might be.
Relocating to and around Birmingham

Birmingham, England’s second largest city, has seen many changes over recent years and its many ambitious renewal projects are bearing rich fruit. The city boasts one of the best libraries in the country, a new shopping centre over the modernised New Street Station, and a new tram line serving the city centre, along with world class universities and colleges. There is an attractive network of canals to explore with many waterside features, cafes and bars. Add to that Birmingham’s penchant for excellent restaurants and night life, it was after all the birthplace of the Balti curry, it is no wonder the city has an unmistakable buzz.

If you are planning to move to Birmingham perhaps to take up new job, to start or continue a course at one of its fine educational establishments, or you are relocating within the region and possibly moving further afield, you will need to find an excellent removal company Birmingham. Choosing the right home removal company will make all the difference to your move. Moving home is always a stressful experience, but a good home removal company you can trust will help ease much of that stress.

While you might be able to save some money by hiring a van and doing the move yourself, if you live an anything larger than a one or two bedroom flat doing it yourself becomes highly impractical. Also a professional removals company Birmingham is likely to cost less than you might imagine. It always pays to get a few quotes and compare prices. While price is important, it is also important to check exactly what you get for that price, for instance does it include insurance cover or do you have to pay for that separately. Also check that the removal company Birmingham is registered and accredited with the various home removals trade associations and bodies.
Various home removals companies Birmingham offer packaging services, which can be a big boon. Never underestimate the difficulties involved in packing up your home. It requires a considerable amount of skill to pack delicate items to ensure they are properly protected and can be transported without sustaining damage. If you want to save some money, you could have the removals company pack your delicate items, while still doing much of the packing yourself. If you do pack the items yourself, they might not be insured should they be damaged in transit.

Removal and Storage Company

Moving “Boxes Only” Service

Small Load (Not a full Removal Truck)

Dedicated Removal Truck (20ft or 40ft)

Full Packing Service

Part Pack – (Just fragile items)

Export Wrap

Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)

Shipping Cars, Motorbikes, Boats

Removal Company Birmingham

Birmingham Location

Birmingham, often referred to as England’s second city, is situated in the centre of the West Midlands. The city is very easy to access by various forms of transport: by car via various motorways and the famous Gravelly Hill spaghetti junction; by train via one of four stations; by air, flying into Birmingham Airport, and by long-distance bus services too.

Using a Professional Removal Company When Moving House

Moving home is a big upheaval, and the amount of change and effort involved is often extremely stressful. Aside from all the personal and professional changes that you go through when moving, there’s a lot of physical energy required to actually pack up your items, box them, transport them to your new home safely and unpack them at the other end. It’s baffling really that we all take all of this on without a second thought when we’re already so overloaded! The truth is, of course, that we don’t need to, and that’s why you should consider hiring a professional removals firm for your big move. Let us explain…

Removals Companies

Removals Companies have a variety of Removal vehicles available.

There’s no borrowing a mate’s bigger car or relying on a dodgy local company’s van for hire if you use a real removals company! Such businesses have access to a variety of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, so you can do as few runs as possible back and forth (ideally, of course, only one!). If you’re moving to a crowded city street or need something that can cope with off-road lanes, a proper moving vehicle will be fit for purpose and serve you best.

Your items are guaranteed to arrive safely

Somehow people seem resigned to the fact that one or two of their goods will break on route to their new home, but this absolutely shouldn’t be the case! Professional movers offer guarantee and insurance services that protect your precious bits and bobs in a way you won’t be able to facilitate yourself; and they normally carry plenty of bubble wrap, spare boxes and packing foam too!

To Pack Or Not To Pack – That is The Question

Full pack servicing can be paid for. It’s not suitable for everyone, but full or part pack services are available from reputable removal firms. This means that you can leave particularly fragile or special items to the experts (who are insured and will deal with them as carefully as possible), or hand over all the responsibility if you’d like to. This frees you up to focus on all the ‘life admin’ that comes with a new home.
Previous items can be crated and packed appropriately. If you’re moving artwork, sculpture or fragile goods, you may find that specialist care and attention needs to be paid in order to transport them securely. This may include the use of crates. Professional removal companies will custom build crates and pack them securely so you can rest assured that everything will make the journey as safe as can be.

Professional removal Companies

Professional removal companies are the best way to take the stress and effort out of your relocation, whether you’re headed to a new abode near or far. Don’t put unnecessary strain on yourself – be kind, enjoy your move and look forward to the latest chapter in your story!

Birmingham History

For much of Birmingham’s early history between the 7th and 11th centuries, when it was an Anglo-Saxon settlement, Birmingham was small, relatively underpopulated, and poor. This only began to change in 1166, when a local Lord was allowed to hold a market at his castle and had subsequent plans to turn Birmingham into a market town. The removal of the market restriction turned Birmingham into the region’s main economic hub, and it was the third-largest settlement in the region by the 14th century. It was the fifth largest in England and Wales by the 18th century. Birmingham underwent somewhat of an Enlightenment period and was known for its cultural and artistic pedigree. During the Industrial Revolution, this creativity retained its significance, and rather than working in industries that offer low-pay and mass production, Birmingham turned into a city of innovation and was the country’s source of a huge proportion of industrial inventions; the steam engine is perhaps most notable. Birmingham was heavily affected by the Blitz in the Second World War and underwent some fairly-large scale redevelopment in the post-war period.

Birmingham moving home – Economy

Birmingham’s economy is almost entirely based on the service sector, which comprised 88% of all jobs in the city in 2012. The public administration, health and education sectors are all based in Birmingham more than any other city. 8% of the remaining 12% of jobs were in manufacturing; the Cadbury’s chocolate factory at Bournville is a big employer, as is the Jaguar and Land Rover factory in Bromwich. The bus company National Express also has its head office in Birmingham. Birmingham does have some economic issues however; there is significant wealth inequality in the city, and an unemployment rate of 10% in mid-2016, which is way above the national figure.

Birmingham Property Market – Removal companies

Birmingham’s city centre is currently undergoing a lot of redevelopment, and housing is no exception. As well as new purpose-built developments, there are also a range of converted period buildings, often storage warehouse or factories, that offer a quirky and unique place to live. Classic terraced houses are also available for movers. Outside the city centre, Moseley is an area with a very good reputation for ideal city living. Edgbaston is a favourite for families, and Sutton Coldfield is the area for movers who enjoy a bit of luxury. The average house price in Birmingham is currently £203,606 according to property site Zoopla.

Removal company Demographics

The population of the city of Birmingham was estimated in 2017 to be 1,137,100, while the population of the urban area of Birmingham was estimated to be 2,440,986. The city is the second most-populous in the country. The city is far more ethnically diverse than the country as a whole; only 57.9% of the population was White, while 26.6% were Asian and 8.9% were Black. 79.4% of people in the 2011 UK Census stated that their health was either good or very good, which is below the national average. Figures for house ownership were also lower in Birmingham than they were across the country overall.

Birmingham Culture – Moving house to Birmingham

Birmingham, like any major city, has a huge range of cultural attractions as well as leisure opportunities. From the Thinktank science museum, to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, to the Bullring shopping centre, to the 571 parks in the city… Birmingham leaves visitors and residents spoilt for choice.

Did you know…
Birmingham has 35 kilometres more of canals than Venice!

Birmingham Birmingham Removals
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