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Removal Company Coventry

If you are moving to Coventry or just looking for a removal company Coventry you should take note of the wide range of shipping, storage and removals services that available to you at

Coventry Birmingham Removals

Moving Company Coventry

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone as there is a lot to take into consideration. ensures that our customers are given a number of solutions to ensure that the move to Coventry is made simple and stress-free as posible.

All of our customers who relocate to Coventry are assigned a move manager who will offer a selection of removal company services, help with any required paperwork, and be there to answer any questions there may be.

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Shipping Cars, Motorbikes, Boats

Removal Company Coventry

Coventry Location

Coventry is a city in the south-east of the West Midlands. It is the 9th largest city in England, and 2nd in the West Midlands behind Birmingham based on population. Coventry is approximately 30 kilometres south-east of Birmingham and 40 kilometres south-west of Leicester. The West Midlands Green Belt surrounds Coventry, ensuring that it remains a separate entity to towns such as Rugby and Warwick, which are situated nearby. Coventry is very well-connected; there are various main road links, and Coventry station allows for regular regional journeys.

Coventry History

The village of Baginton is likely the origin of the city of Coventry; the village was originally founded as a Roman settlement in 700 AD. A Castle was built in Coventry in the 12th century, but in the same century there was a removal of the stronghold and St Mary’s Guildhall was built in its place. The 1300s saw Coventry become one of the country’s most important cities, and the cities importance to the cloth trade was a main reason for this. This industry continued through the Industrial Revolution, though Coventry also became renowned for its watch manufacturing. Swiss watch-making later in the period meant that this industry suffered, but the expertise of the watch-makers meant that they could easily adapt in move into another industry; bicycles. As innovation continued, this evolved into car manufacturing, and Coventry became one of the main hubs of the British Motor industry. Coventry was bombed extensively and caused severe damage to much of the city; so much damage that the Nazi’s subsequently colloquialised the term of being ‘Coventried’ in reference to a city that was heavily damaged.

Coventry Housing Economy

Though the car manufacturing industry in Coventry is now all but obsolete, Jaguar still has its head office in the city. Otherwise, the city has an increasingly significant services industry, working in various sectors such as research, finance, and leisure. This is bound to expand as redevelopment of the city continues and the city becomes more popular to visit as its cultural features become more common knowledge.

Coventry Property Market

Coventry is a very popular area for movers who are looking in the region; it has an abundance of jobs, and an attractive city centre with a tasteful blend of old and new. The average asking price for a property in Coventry is £237,383, which is relatively affordable for a UK city. The rental cost on the other hand seems rather expensive; the average monthly fee is £1041. As with any city, generally the further from the centre you are, the cheaper a house or flat will be. Earlsdon and Stivichall are two of the most popular suburban areas, though they can be an exceptional to the rule and be rather expensive, depending on the address.

Coventry Demographics

Coventry has a significant ethnic minority population that comprises around a third of the population. Islam is the main minority religion, but in contrast to much of the country, the main ethnic minority group is those from South Asia. The city has an estimated population of 360,100, though this increases to 651,600 when the wider metropolitan area is considered. There is a notable student population in the city, many of whom are international students. This may contribute to Coventry’s average age, which at 37 years old is 3 years younger than the national average.

Coventry Culture

Coventry is set to be the UK City of Culture in 2021. This is unsurprising, given the array of cultural attractions and features in the city. The most-visited is St Michael’s Cathedral, a 14th century Church that was heavily bombed in the Second World War with exception of the 91-metre spire which remains standing despite the attacks. The new Coventry Cathedral, completed in 1962, is situated next to it, and the two landmarks together offer a poignant yet impressive image to those who see it. Elsewhere, the Coventry Transport Museum has the world’s largest collection of British motors. The city also has a strong sporting heritage, particularly in football and rugby.

Did you know…

Coventry is the most central city in England, being only eleven kilometres from the most central point, located in Leicestershire.

Coventry Birmingham Removals
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